Football predictions and their profitability

football predictions

When it comes to football predictions and betting, It’s all about that bet, no trebles…

Accumulators, Lucky 15s or anything else.  Long term profits are far easier to achieve when focusing on single bets and using solid football predictions.

Sure the lure of placing a twelve team accumulator and landing thousands in return are hard to ignore.  Realistically though, these types of bets land on very rare occasions and are best left to the dreamers.

To make consistent long term profits and enjoy success, single bets are far superior. In the image above, we have released our last two months worth of profit and loss for single bets.  These tips were taken from the BetWiz football predictions app and as you can see, we have achieved a little over 100 percent return on investment with an 81 percent strike rate.

To save anyone any trouble we will release the actual excel sheet so you too can start your journey.  It’s very easy to use, simply input your starting balance and your stake percentage and away you go, everything else will be calculated for you.

As a beginner delving into the world of betting strategies and football predictions we recommend you keep your stake percentage fairly low.  As an example we have opted for a 10 percent stake in this instance and that works out at a very healthy return rate.  You could increase this to say 15 percent or whatever you feel is best however, this is not a race.  We’re not interested in short term gains.

We’re after long term profits and using this strategy, over time you will see massive returns.

Strategy Inspiration

The basis of our chosen strategy is a somewhat simplified version of the Kelly Criterion.  If you’ve never heard of the Kelly Criterion then you can find more information on it hereBut basically the Kelly strategy is maximally aggressive, backing high probability predictions heavily.  Which wouldn’t always be a bad thing but in the world of football we’ve found it to be too aggressive, hence we opt for a simpler 10% bet stake.

Next Steps

  • If there’s enough demand for the excel we will release it and let everyone know.
  • Any questions or comments give us a shout and we’ll do all we can to help you out.
  • Don’t forget to download the BetWiz app on iOS or Android for the best football predictions
  • Check back soon, we’ll update our results weekly so you can see how the large returns keep on coming.

Hopefully this post has been of some use and you can get a feel for what is truly possible from football betting.

Current Return on Investment


Profit to date (2 months)


Latest PREDICTIONS and Result
  • Match Result: FC Milsami Orhei vs FC Academia Chisinau (Moldova)
  • Result – FC Milsami Orhei win 1-0
  • Match Result: FC Sheriff vs Zimbru (Moldova)
  • Result – FC Sheriff  win 3-0

*Last Updated: 04/03/2015